Accommodation Hårkan & Långan, Jämtland

Secluded and comfortable accommodation along the
banks of Hårkan and Långan

Accomodations in Jämtland – We have 18 hunting and fishing cabins, divided between five camps: Oxfors camp, Kroa (Fäbodlägret) and Mång cabin beside Hårkan. Bötels, Holmfors and Gråmära camps as well as Långforsen, Sladderforsen and Åkerån cabins beside Långan. Our cabins are pleasant with simple but robust furnishings. They are spread out by some of Hårkan and Långan’s best fishing.

If you are a fisherman you have just a few steps to the water. The river, with narrows, fast-flowing water and holes, is just lying there waiting for you… and when you’re all fished out you have only a few steps up to your welcoming, cosy cabin. Things are just as good if you are a hunter – you can take your gun out of its case before you leave the cabin; the hunt starts from right under the eaves.

Most of our cabins were built in 1997-98, but if you wish to stay in an older cabin – with its special charm – this is possible to arrange. We have a couple of older cabins that can be rented.
All you need to bring with you are sheets and pillowcases (or sleeping bags) and other personal belongings. Cool boxes and ice-packs are good for fresh goods. Saucepans and crockery, as well as cleaning and dishwashing equipment, is in the cabins. Naturally each cabin has wood for lighting a warming fire in the stove. At Gråmära camp you can even enjoy a sauna.

Accommodation along the banks of Hårkan & Långan in Jämtand, Sweden
Småstjärn cabin is a bit bigger than our other cabins and has enough space for six people. It is equipped with 12 volt lighting, gas-powered fridge and oven. Photo: Calle Bredberg.
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