Landösjön, with Långan’s outflow and Offerdalsfjällen in the background

Landösjön is a large, deep lake on the edge of Offerdalsfjällen. Several years of massive char introductions have established the lake’s reputation as a really good lake for char. After the first few years of uncontrolled fishing the fish are now subject to quota and regulated. Tons of char are placed in the lake every year. The ice-fishing season begins after New Year and carries on as long as the ice is safe.

The summer season starts in June, when fishing from land can also provide great catches. As the water temperature rises the char move further out and then trolling and jigging from boats work best. The lake is 45 minutes from our cabins and boats can be hired in Landön. This fishing is a pleasant addition to our river fishing. We rent appropriate equipment and we can provide more information about char fishing in Landösjön if you want it. You can also look at Fiskejournalen no 11 – 03.