Now we have reached our camp by Oxforsen.
Here you can stay conveniently close to the river in one of our four cabins, within easy reach of the fine fishing stretches both upstream and downstream along Hårkan. There is a boat/bait ban and an increased minimum size has contributed to an increased average size for both grayling and brown trout. Catch and return fishing is the obvious choice for most of our guests. There is a minimum size of 35 cm for grayling and brown trout, and a maximum of five fish per fisherman per day.

From the cabins you can fish for kilometres downstream and the entire stretch alternates fast-flowing shallows with slightly calmer deeper areas. It is a really lovely stretch for the fly-fisherman and one where we, apart from summer fishing, really recommend autumn fishing for grayling. Grayling is the dominant fish here, but numbers of brown trout are also caught. Night fishing is recommended during the early part of the season, with a gradual change to day fishing.

Oxforsen, about 300 m downstream of Flottarstugan.
The camp at Oxforsen with Flottarstugan and Björkstugan in the middle of the picture. The other two cabins are further up to the right in the picture, above the road. This aerial picture was taken during a period of extremely low water levels in the autumn of 2002.