Edsforsen – the outflow from Sandvikssjön, east and west channels:

Edsforsen (Essforsen), which is Hårkan’s outflow from Sandvikssjön, is perhaps the most written about of Hårkan’s many wonderful fishing stretches. Easily accessible and good wading. The northern channel is not included on the area’s fishing permit, but there’s no problem wading over to the island between the channels and fishing from there. Sandvikssjön functions like a hatchery and releases large amounts of food down into the river, where the fish are happy to show their delight.

If you are here at the right time we can promise you first-class grayling fishing. Edsforsen also has wonderful brown trout. The lower part of the rapids falls further and ends in a small pool and a calmer area out on to still waters.
From our cabins at the camp at Oxfors you can reach Edsforsen in 15 minutes with a car. For more information go to and then Sandvikssjöns-Edsforsens Fvo.

The upper part of Edsforsen. Lillholmen, the island in the middle of the picture, is a good starting point for the night’s fishing. If you have the opportunity to come fishing in early July we guarantee first-class grayling.
Edsforsen – the middle stretch of the southern channel.
Edsforsen – the middle stretch of the southern channel. NB! The aerial photos were taken at extremely low water levels (September 2002). Under normal conditions the rapids are much livelier.
The lower part of Edsforsen and “Höljan”.