Flyfishing & hunting in Jämtland, Sweden

The twin rivers of Hårkan and Långan are classic territory for hunters and fishermen in Jämtland, Sweden. We are situated near the Hårkan and Långan rivers in Jämtland, Sweden. Evidence suggest that these waters has been known and appreciated ever since the stone-age, and are still considered to be among Jamtlands finest for brown trout and grayling. They also provide visitors with a fantastic taste of the wilderness.

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We now offer a new cabin just a few meters from Edsforsen. Read more >>

Exclusive accomodation

We now offer new, exclusive accomodation at the Kallsta Farm. Read more >>

Hårkan Camp for fishermen and hunters

Hårkan Camp

"Hårkstugan" is a newly built cabin with four beds and a refridgerator, close to Oxforsen. A sauna is also available. Read more >>

The fishingshop

At the Kallsta Farm you will find the fishingshop. We have everyting you need for your fishingtrip.

Flyfishing in Hårkan, Jämtland, Sweden

Flyfishing Hårkan

Hårkan is considered a top class water in
Jamtland for flyfishing, brown trout and grayling. The river's sources are located high up in the Norwegian mountains and on the Swedish side its catchment area includes Hotagsfjällen. Read more >>
Flyfishing in Långan, Jämtland, Sweden

Flyfishing Långan

Långan is a gem among the forest rivers of Norrland; it’s source is in Offerdalsfjällen, Jämtland, Sweden. The river is relatively shallow and flows over areas rich in limestone, making it a very productive waterway with great biological diversity. Read more>>


Updated 2013-03-05

Prices/Cabins updated, German translation soon available.

The site is being updated in time for the 2013 season, including price updates (no significant changes) and information about newly added cabins.

Moose-skin products for sale

We now sell a variety of products from (no English version available). They include Wintershoes, caps, coffee bags and fishing vests